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Top Technologies of Website and Application Development

By Admin
February 19, 2015

Basically web development is the process of developing website or web page over internet or intranet to maintain a specific purpose. It is the collection of programs which provides functionality to interact with users and get some output in browser. Various technology or languages are available to perform the development work with the help of a web developer. All top static/dynamic websites, ecommerce store, games, online videos, blogs and social networking websites has developed with the help of technology by developers.  The web and application development process mainly divided in to three main categories.

For secure and smooth operation of website over internet and intranet, it’s very important for every websites to host including a database on a web server. Data base is the dynamically collection of all application data, individual page contents and required information of a website’s application including several functions. Relational database is typically used in websites for storage of all information. RDBMS is the leading open source  [...]

Basic Things in Web Development Must Know for Web Developer

By Veni
May 27, 2015
Web and application Development

Web development is a vast term which involves the process of developing a website for internet. It can be a static single page or some complex dynamic pages. With the collection of some process like web designing, content development, client communication, client-side or server-side scripting, web server, network security configuration, and e-commerce development is known as web development. A web developer needs certain type of skill for development and there are various language and advance technology to make the development process better and easier. Different language has different functionality and variables.

From the last few years web development has became the growing industries in the IT market. Industries are generating high revenue through web and software development. Industries are using open source technologies and Microsoft visual studio and other environment in development. For better and quality development industries are taking the help of web developers in this process. Web developers must [...]

Top Ten Bad Practices of Coding in Development Process

By Tony E
September 11, 2015
Code Professional web developers always do the right things with the help of quality coding. But sometimes they do some silly mistakes in the coding.  As per the analysis says, small number of bad coding creates problem in the development process. A software and web developer should be rectifying them for smooth development process. Here are the top bad practices in development
  • Typos in programming code: Sometime developers misspelled variable name or function name and which crates bad coding for the application and website.  So working in a good work place and environment reduces these types of errors.
  • Lack of well format code: Developer should maintain your code in such a way that other can understand and represent these very clearly.
  • Modularize code: Writing a single code for a single functionality is the best practice of a developer. That helps in keeping your code short and understandable.
  • Using IDE tool for false sense of security: IDEs tool provides fantastic code completion for productivity but there is danger in the type of code you select. The tool does not think for you to make the right things.
  • Hard-Coding Pas [...]
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