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Importance of Responsive Design for Mobile Device in Responsive Age

By Tony E
March 31, 2015
Responsive Design

The term responsive design is process to develop and design the layout of website or application in manner which automatically get changed as per the users screen. This concept automatically changes the web layouts columns to single or two columns according to the user’s computer screen. This technique is known as “Responsive Design” and this is more helpful for Smartphone and tablet users. Now a day’s people are getting more involvement with their Smartphone and tablets rather than their PC and laptops. In order to gets information regarding brand product and services, webmasters are using these concept in their website to get more users. So we say, this time is the responsive age of web designing and development.

Comparing to the traditional web designing, responsive web designing is completely different and it’s very important for web developers to know the concepts and process or this for quality output. Media queries are the basic instinct for responsive design and using this developer can implement  [...]

Google Ranking Can Increased Through Responsive Web Design

By Tony E
July 16, 2015
Responsive web design In the modern time everybody are surfing all their information through mobile device. A normal website cannot run in mobile. For that you need to make your website mobile friendly. Responsive web design is the process to make your website or application mobile friendly. Responsive web designing works well in mobile devices and expand for large screen. Google likes responsive web design and through that the keywords will get rank very quickly.
Before thinking about the rankings of keyword, you need to think about how you will know that how much your website is mobile friendly or responsive for website. For that there are lots of online tool is available but “Google webmaster tool” is the best among them. If you will add your website in that will tell you how is your site looks like in mobile. You can also get notice in regarding your website problem through webmaster tool. Google webmaster tool also point out some problems relating to your website layout and [...]
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Sitemap in Webpage Design and its Benefits

By Tony E
October 10, 2015
Web Sitemap Sitemap is a page where all pages of a website links are available for visitor and user reference. It is the collection of web pages of a website in a hierarchical order. Sitemap is basically a webpage, which consists of directories, links and various information files. Sitemaps are basically three types like indexed, full categorical and restricted categorical. The indexed sitemap appears like a directory or alphabetical listing. The full categorical sitemap displays the categorized links and the restricted categorical sitemap displays links belonging to some particular category.

Sitemaps are basically two types from SEO points of view. One is HTML sitemap and another is XML sitemap. HTML sitemap are the normal sitemap through which all the pages of a website are linked and xml site map is the collection all pages list with xml format. The xml site map is very useful for SEO and the Normal site map is very useful for users to know all pages of website.
Let check the benefits of sitemaps:
  • It can be used in website to provide direction of website u [...]
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Professional Web Designing Key Points and Benefits for Your Website Home Page

By Tony E
November 26, 2015
Professional Web Designing, web designing, web designing company
Website is the showcase for your online business. So it’s very important for webmaster to give eye-catching looks. It creates different impression on visitors and helps in keeping the visitors more time in the website. Professional and well look website helps in promoting your website. The most important factor of professional web designing helps in answering the key factors of your online business.  Professional web designing must be sticky and informative, so that it may encourage people to spent some time and take action. There are several tips and professional way in website design a website designing company or professional should keep in mind while designing website home page. Here are the key points of success.

Add logo to website: Logo is the unique symbol of a company, organization or any other. It may be in the format of image or text but it describes lot of things in a small vision. Logo should be unique from other and informative with key features. It should be place in the top left corner eye catching position. 
Introduce yourself to the vi [...]
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