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Importance of Website Logo in Digital Marketing

By Suraj K Dutta
July 03, 2015
Logo Design Logo of a website is the basic component of branding and marketing. It shows all the design efforts of website and defines all the branding and marketing efforts. It is the unique combination of color, shape, font which represents the core aim and brand of organization.  It is the starting points of the whole website and it shows the purpose of the company quickly which support in the business strategy. A good logo always helps differentiate itself among huge competitors and it allows the target audience to remember the organization and its objective.
The color combination of company logo should be match with the product and service that you are offering to the people. So that it will be unique and serve the foundation of solid branding.  The most important thing about the logo should be unique, legal and copyright.  Logo should be design by professional graphic designer or specialist logo designer.  At the time of logo design some important points need to be keep in mind by the logo designer
  • Make it simple – Make the company logo simple and meaningful, so that one can easily remember and understood the purpose.
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Advance Digital Marketing Strategy after Google Algorithm Update

By Tony E
November 05, 2015
Digital Marketing, SEO, SEO strategy, advance SEO strategy, Digital Marketing Strategy
As everybody knows, Google is the best and most popular search engine among other now a day. Google has some algorithm and through that Google is collecting new info’s from various websites with various categories and stored in its database. When users or visitors are searching any info, at that point Google is showings the appropriate dates to the users from its database. Google has set some algorithm to collect information’s from various websites. So it’s very important for every website and webmasters to build their website in such a way, so that these can be crawl able by Google.

In the past few years Google has drastically changes his algorithm to get quality information and filter the spam and fake websites those who are doing spam and providing fraudulent information over the internet. Basically Google is more focusing on technical changes of website to make the website algorithm friendly, high quality informative content and high quality ethical links. If you have implement the ethical SEO strategy in your website then, the algorithm update will not affect your website but if not then you may suffer in small [...]
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Prominent SEO Services Providing Company In Bhubaneswar

By Tony E
May 17, 2016
 SMO services,  Social Media Optimization,  Digital Marketing Company,  Online Marketing Services,
SEO service provider companies  implement  the method  of search engine optimization to accelerate the no  of visitors to a Web site by obtaining high-ranking placements in the search results page of search engine. It includes  highly effective process of  selecting the most appropriate keywords for Search Engine Optimization to encompass client objectives, site content considerations and empirical search data from the Engines. SEO services offer solutions for a variety of ranking issues, and deficiencies. Google is now the most popular search engine. It is  using many rules to show the relevant websites on its  search engine page. SEO is a approch to tune the website and its activity with its relevancy to get higher ranking on organic search on relevant keywords

Converthink  Solutions  is a   Search Engine Optimization company  offers affordable Search Engine Optimization services  for small and middle sized companies.We provide quality SEO  servic [...]
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