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Importance of Responsive Design for Mobile Device in Responsive Age


The term responsive design is process to develop and design the layout of website or application in manner which automatically get changed as per the users screen. This concept automatically changes the web layouts columns to single or two columns according to the user’s computer screen. This technique is known as “Responsive Design” and this is more helpful for Smartphone and tablet users. Now a day’s people are getting more involvement with their Smartphone and tablets rather than their PC and laptops. In order to gets information regarding brand product and services, webmasters are using these concept in their website to get more users. So we say, this time is the responsive age of web designing and development.

Comparing to the traditional web designing, responsive web designing is completely different and it’s very important for web developers to know the concepts and process or this for quality output. Media queries are the basic instinct for responsive design and using this developer can implement new queries as per the requirement to make the layout more users friendly. CSS transitions has also great role in this concept. Making the images of a website to responsive is called context-aware and this technique converts the different resolution images and the larger images to smaller. With the help of advanced developer tool the size of images appear to change fluidly. This is extremely different from the traditional web designing concept and technical issues and suspicious use of this concept helps in creating wonderful designing.

Responsive web designing is getting more popular in the IT market and this concept of designing has become computable for PC, laptop and mobile users. Now a day users are more using Smartphone and other devices in their requirement, so it’s very important to make your website mobile device friendly. For marketing purpose this is also helping website owners and the most important thing is major search engines like Google is giving more importance to this.

Here are some advantages of responsive web design:

  • Faster, better, smarter and secure user experience.
  • Compatible with so many devices and OS (android, jellybean and KitKat) for one website.
  • Very much cost-effective compare to having two separate website.
  • Major search engines like Google recommend this for better marketing.
  •  Easy to manage with great user experience.
  • Increase the conversion rate and website traffic.

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