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Major SEO tips and tricks for Search Engine Ranking


In the continuous change in the Google algorithm, it’s very difficult to do the right thing to get quick and good rank in search engine like Google. The basic aims of SEO professionals are to get good ranking without any penalty from Google. Most of the SEO service providers are doing these things in right way and other are following the spam technique for good ranking. Here we are showing you some SEO tips and tricks which can help you and your keywords to rank well in Google. Here are the do’s and don’ts in SEO according to the SEO algorithm:
Please focuses on the bellow do’s:

  • Create unique and Great thematically and informative content
  • Use low competition and high search volume keyword phrase
  • Use keyword phrase in meta elements
  • Book domain using keywords and use keyword phrase in URLs.
  • Use keywords in heading, images optimization and link optimization
  • Create internal linking of your keywords inside the website pages.
  • Create links using your keywords
  • site Create link from authority and reputed source
  • Create links from links from .edu, and .gov sites
  • Create HTML and XML Sitemap for website
  • Go for 301permanent redirect and do 302redirect for ugly pages.
  • Create good and quality inbound links
  • Create open directory listing
Here are the don’ts:
  • Avoid  hosting  your website in sad IPs
  • Avoid keeping hidden content or content using java Script.
  • Don’t misspell your keywords  and keyword stuffing  in your content
  • Don’t use URL parameter, dynamic URLs and session ids.
  • Avoid frame, JavaScript and flash.
  • Don’t keep broken links and misspell your keywords in your content in website.
  • Don’t do meta refresh, 302 redirect and duplicate content bad or incorrect HTML
  • Don’t use doorway pages and Never display different content to a spider
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