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Advance Digital Marketing Strategy after Google Algorithm Update


As everybody knows, Google is the best and most popular search engine among other now a day. Google has some algorithm and through that Google is collecting new info’s from various websites with various categories and stored in its database. When users or visitors are searching any info, at that point Google is showings the appropriate dates to the users from its database. Google has set some algorithm to collect information’s from various websites. So it’s very important for every website and webmasters to build their website in such a way, so that these can be crawl able by Google.

In the past few years Google has drastically changes his algorithm to get quality information and filter the spam and fake websites those who are doing spam and providing fraudulent information over the internet. Basically Google is more focusing on technical changes of website to make the website algorithm friendly, high quality informative content and high quality ethical links. If you have implement the ethical SEO strategy in your website then, the algorithm update will not affect your website but if not then you may suffer in small changes in the algorithm. Here is some point how your website can affects in small algorithm changes.

  • All your keywords rankings will go down and your SEO strategy no longer help you.
  • Your website will lose the more number of traffic and the conversion rate will be less.
  • Unusual SEO errors may come to the front of your website.
  • Search engines may ban your website from the listing and website will no longer show in search engine result page.
To overcome from the algorithm changes here I am telling you the advance digital marketing process for your website.

Keywords for Website: Keywords are vital things for website. Low competition and high search volume keywords are better for website. Like that long tall keywords are better than short tall keywords. So at the beginning of SEO you have to focus on some long tall keywords for more visibility.

Technical Issue Fixing: Technical issue fixing of website is the major part of SEO. To make your website SEO friendly you have to fix the technical issues before proceeding to the next step of websites. Technical issues like image optimization, link optimization, canonical issue fixing, broken link fixing, html validation, sitemap and other are the important points need to be fixed for better SEO.

Content Optimization: As everybody knows content is the king of SEO. Unique, keyword rich and informative contents are important points of SEO promotion. Quality content is the key to get success in digital marketing.

Quality Link Building: Links are helps in promoting your website. High quality thematic natural links are more helpful rather than creating huge number of unnatural links for website. You should focus on high number of quality back links with right niche.

Social Presence: You should make high your website social presence. Need to participate in social activity and build social awareness of website. These helps in building reputation, brand name and bring more traffic to website.

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