Invalid html codes, SEO, Google penalized

Invalid and Error HTML Codes may Penalized by Google


Hypertext markup language is one of the best development languages for SEO. Google is also giving importance to HTML for better result in SEO. Writing Perfect HTML code for any website is not an easy task. For that you need to be very expert and accurate in HTML. There is always possibility of breakdown of pages in small mistakes. Now a day websites demand is growing day by day because of online advertisement, promotion and online shopping.  So business owners are giving more priorities to HTML for SEO friendly development. Perfect HTML codes helps in bringing your website to search engine result page quickly. There are lots of advantages of html are these are like:

  • It’s very easy to maintain the updated code.
  • Editing and gradation can make easy with this.
  • Indentation can make properly and easily.
  • Chances of bug are very less in validate code.
  • Clean code helps in quick editing and understanding.
  • Helps in achieving quick Google ranking.
  • Chance of hacking and tracking of website are very less.
  • Deploy of application in multiple device can made easy.
  • Perfect and valid codes help in accessing the form and other section easily.
After getting such above advantages we are still getting broken pages in website which is because of very bad and poor codes. Developers have to focus on these sections for good outputs.

 As we know Google algorithm is changing now a days. Google is not only checking the SEO factors of websites but also checking the technical and code section of website. As everybody knows, Google is giving more importance to responsive design. Till now Google has not declared any update regarding HTML but it may release new algorithm like responsivse design in near future. So it will be better for every webmaster to fix the problems from the beginning, so that you may not suffer with the update.  So be prepared for this and try to update clean codes in website.

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