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Process of adding and verifying Google Search Console and its Benefits


After successful website design and technical SEO changes of a website you need to integrate the search condole in your website. Google Search console is the new name of Google webmaster tool. Google webmaster tool is not only important for webmasters but also that is a very important tool for marketing professionals, SEOs, designers, business owners, and app developers. Google has changed this tool name from “Google webmaster tool” to “Google Search Consol”.
Search Console is a free tool from Google to know the information about your website and who are the visitors to your website. Through this you can know the detail diagnosis of your website. Through this you can know the visitor details, website technical issues, devices people are using to coming your website and other details. Using this one can add sitemap and edit robots.txt file of website. Here are the processes how to add search console to your website.
Adding search console to website is very simple; first go Search Console.

  • Login to using your Google credentials and after successful login you'll find a text box with "Add Property" red button.
  • After clicking the button you have successfully added your website to search console.
  • Then you website will appear in the search consol dashboard section with unverified status in the right side of your website.
  • Please click that link to verify your account. Normally there are two way to verify the account. One is by updating the HTML tag in the Meta section of the home page and another is by uploading the html file in the root folder of the website given by Google.
  • You need to choose one among the two and after successful verification you will get the detail dialysis of your website all aspects.
  • After getting all the information you can fix the issues of your website according that.
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