Top Ten Bad Practices of Coding in Development Process


Professional web developers always do the right things with the help of quality coding. But sometimes they do some silly mistakes in the coding. As per the analysis says, small number of bad coding creates problem in the development process. A software and web developer should be rectifying them for smooth development process. Here are the top bad practices in development

  • Typos in programming code: Sometime developers misspelled variable name or function name and which crates bad coding for the application and website. So working in a good work place and environment reduces these types of errors.
  • Lack of well format code: Developer should maintain your code in such a way that other can understand and represent these very clearly.
  • Modularize code: Writing a single code for a single functionality is the best practice of a developer. That helps in keeping your code short and understandable.
  • Using IDE tool for false sense of security: IDEs tool provides fantastic code completion for productivity but there is danger in the type of code you select. The tool does not think for you to make the right things.
  • Hard-Coding Passwords: Password hard coding involves heavy security risk. Hard coding password may widely know to everyone. it's highly convenient, but it's also highly convenient for anyone who gets access to the source code
  • Good Encryption to Protect Data: Encryption of data is a good idea as it is going across with different network. Writing your own secure encryption system is very hard and it may create problem.
  • Optimizing Code Prematurely: Programmer waste a lot of time in thinking about the program and that put negative and strong impact in the development process. Write your code clearly and optimize these in order to improve performance.
  • Failing to Think Ahead: Thinking about the program future is good but deeper thinking is not very good always.
  • Adding More People to Project: Adding more people to the project is a good idea but it always resulting in wasting time and resource. It also hampers the productivity.
  • Wrong Time Estimates: Wrong time estimation results pour performance and force to add more people in the project. In that case the productivity became very less in quality because of lack of time.
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