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AJAX Implementation to PHP App Make Highly Responsive


Ajax is a group of interconnected Web development techniques used on the client-side to create asynchronous Web applications. It is not the programming language but it can be used in a new way to the existing standard. It is the art of exchanging data with server and updating some part of webpage without reloading the whole web page. It has become the integral part of website rapidly. It not only provides better interactivity but also reload the dynamic content of a web page quickly than the traditional web page.
Before Ajax in the traditional method any changes in the web page on a server accessed through HTTP either using get or post method and after receiving the information, the entire page needs a reload and show the fetched data but in Ajax the data from the server can be accessed in the background  and display the page without reload.
A traditional web page takes more time to load in the browser because of its round trip process. Web server process the data and desired information sent back to the client. In traditional web page the entire web page need to refresh to see the small changes and there is no option to refresh some part of the page. But in Ajax you can avail this option to make creative. 
Implementing Ajax in to PHP application is very simple. PHP developer can easily make responsive to a webpage by implementing Ajax. To know the responsive effects of Ajax you have to develop an application using PHP in traditional way then after you have to implement Ajax on that. After that you can analyze the effects of Ajax responsive. 
Ajax has some good components which help in responsive web development compared to the traditional process. Here are the components are

  • XmlHttpRequest
  • JavaScript
  • DOM (Document Object Model)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
Ajax is more responsive and reduces time in both side responses. Converthink Solutions is a software development company based in India provides PHP application development and digital marketing services. We have experiences PHP developers who have implemented Ajax in our clients various projects.

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