Google Algorithim Update

Google Algorithm Update Effects on Website Marketing


Everybody in the world, very well known that “Google” is one of the most popular and widely used search engine. It has kept all types of information in his database and getting more popular by providing useful information to the visitors. Because of its quality information it has create a different level in all groups of internet users. Google is showing information as per its algorithms by collecting information from all websites over the globe.  Sometime Google makes changes in its algorithm to show the result at the time of search.  It happens to avoid the spam in web promotion. As everybody knows that search engine optimization and search engine marketing are the process for website promotion and through that website can generate more revenue.  Ethical SEO, SEM, SMO process and strategies helps in promotion of websites. But sometimes some internet marketing experts follow some unethical techniques which are unfavorable to Google algorithm.  In that time, to avoid the spam Google make some changes in the algorithm. Sometimes when for the better of users Google makes come changes in its algorithm.
 There are various reasons behind the algorithm change. These are like:

  • To avoid the unethical web promotion technique.
  • To provide quality information for the users.
  • Avoid more spam
  • For user-friendly
  • For devices compatibility
  • To generate more revenue from paid listing
Effects of algorithm update on Marketing:
Website marketing and website promotion can affect in the small and simple change in algorithm. Websites those are following the spam SEO practices they may suffer seriously. Here are some points of effect on marketing:
  • Suddenly you website keyword ranking may goes down
  • Suddenly your website may not in Google SERP and all your SEO strategies might go down.
  • The content which was considered really good and keywords which were fired well in the SERP, is now not as effective as it was.
  • Links which were helps to boost your website, after the algorithm change they might became worthless.
  • The revenue website had generated lastly that might less after update.
These are the factors on where update can affect marketing. Google team is always active to check the web scam and according that they are changing the algorithm. There is option for you to stay one step ahead from Google algorithm. For that you need to follow the basic and ethical SEO practices through a good SEO expert. Converthink Solutions is a software development and internet marketing company which provides best and quality SEO and Web marketing services to its global customer. We have highly experiences SEO experts to work according the Google algorithm.

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