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Google Ranking Can Increased Through Responsive Web Design


In the modern time everybody are surfing all their information through mobile device. A normal website cannot run in mobile. For that you need to make your website mobile friendly. Responsive web design is the process to make your website or application mobile friendly. Responsive web designing works well in mobile devices and expand for large screen. Google likes responsive web design and through that the keywords will get rank very quickly.
Before thinking about the rankings of keyword, you need to think about how you will know that how much your website is mobile friendly or responsive for website. For that there are lots of online tool is available but “Google webmaster tool” is the best among them. If you will add your website in that will tell you how is your site looks like in mobile. You can also get notice in regarding your website problem through webmaster tool. Google webmaster tool also point out some problems relating to your website layout and looks in mobile. If you will fix these problems through responsive design, then your website keywords may rank very quickly in Google.  Here are the points on which Google webmaster tool send notice for fixing by the web designer for good ranking:

  • Flash use: Most mobile devices are not compatible with Flash and Google also don’t like flash. For mobile users it will be very difficult to view your website especially if your navigation and main content are in flash. To get better performance HTML5 and other web technologies are the best option.
  • No viewport:  If your site does not have the tag set, the site might not display correctly on all devices. Use the tag in the of your documents, like
  • Fixed-width viewport: Even if you have the tag set in your document, setting the width to an exact or fixed width can cause problems on smaller screens. To make the width of the viewport adjustable, change your tag as follows in the of your documents:
  • Horizontal scrolling:  Sometimes the content of your website are not well sized for mobile devices and in that case you need to use the horizontal scrolling to view. Still many mobile devices have trouble scrolling horizontally.
  • Illegible fonts:  The pages that don't have a viewport Meta tag, in high-resolution screens the font size ends up being tiny and font size 16 pixels is good for all.
  • Touch elements that are too close together. There must be some little gap between the touch elements (links, buttons, and so on). Links that are too close to each other can be nearly impossible to tap on a small device. This problem is often caused by a missing viewport Meta tag, but if you have a viewport tag and you're still getting this error, you should make the trappable elements on your page larger so that they are easier to touch.
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