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Importance of Website Logo in Digital Marketing


Logo of a website is the basic component of branding and marketing. It shows all the design efforts of website and defines all the branding and marketing efforts. It is the unique combination of color, shape, font which represents the core aim and brand of organization. It is the starting points of the whole website and it shows the purpose of the company quickly which support in the business strategy. A good logo always helps differentiate itself among huge competitors and it allows the target audience to remember the organization and its objective.
The color combination of company logo should be match with the product and service that you are offering to the people. So that it will be unique and serve the foundation of solid branding. The most important thing about the logo should be unique, legal and copyright. Logo should be design by professional graphic designer or specialist logo designer. At the time of logo design some important points need to be keep in mind by the logo designer

  • Make it simple – Make the company logo simple and meaningful, so that one can easily remember and understood the purpose.
  • More time in typography – Choosing the right fonts is one of the most important thing in logo design and designer have to spent more time in selecting font. Font should be match with the website font and it should be digestive to visitors.
  • Chose color carefully – Selecting color is the important step because it shows the emotional response to the visitors. Simple and service related color helps in remembering the organization purpose and objective by the visitors.
  • Make it memorable and eye-catching – When you are thinking about the company logos of Google, Audi, and Vodafone immediately have an image of the logo appear in your mind. You were able to do so because it was memorable. It imprinted on you and it made a long-term impression. This should be the ultimate goal of the logo designer and organizations have to creating memorable logo.
  • Remember flexibility –Make sure your final logo design will accommodate both traditionaland digital usage. Tall vertical logos can be challenging to use in website headers, while very wide logos will present issues in social media usage.
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